Ranking of the best free VPN apps to bypass Instagram blocking

Blocking of Instagram for users of the social network has become an unpleasant moment, because it is not just a resource for posting photos, but also a tool for doing business. But if there is no desire to give up the social network, the blocking can be bypassed if you use a VPN for Instagram.

VPN for Instagram

What is VPN for Instagram

As soon as certain sites and services began to be blocked for some users, ways to bypass the blocking began to appear. These ways were known before, because social networks can ban individual users, and VPN will save the banned user.

To continue to sit in the blocked social network, you need to install a VPN. It should be noted at once that there is no special VPN for Insta or Facebook. But since there are a lot of services, you should choose among them those that allow you to comfortably use social networks.

So, what is a VPN? Behind the acronym is a virtual private network (virtual private network). It is not private in the sense that it belongs to a private person, it would be more appropriate to use the word “private”.

vpn scheme

Anonymity on the Internet is an illusion that only inexperienced users believe in. In fact, users visiting websites, shopping in online stores, browsing social networks leave “traces” by which it is easy to find them. And connecting to public Wi-Fi is unsafe, as user data can easily be intercepted by fraudsters.

If you use a VPN, you can accomplish the following tasks:

  • Hide IP address. If you run a VPN, the real IP address will be replaced by any that is available on the network. That is, even the provider will not be able to track what sites the user.
  • Bypass censorship. Some resources are blocked on the basis of geography. That is, users located in the territory of the country or region that fell under the blocking, it is possible to access the resources closed to them only through a VPN. For example, in Crimea after 2014, many sites were blocked, so residents of the peninsula often use VPNs to bypass these restrictions.
  • Save money on shopping. Some online stores have a special pricing policy, so for residents of one country the goods are cheaper than for residents of other countries. To save money, just change your IP address to the right one.
  • Protection of information when using public networks. Citizens are happy to use public Wi-Fi, but not everyone knows that such connections are not protected. Fraudsters can intercept personal information, including logins, passwords, bank card numbers and PIN codes. With the help of a VPN, the user encrypts the transmitted information, protecting himself from fraudulent actions.

In addition, the use of private networks will be convenient if you need to work remotely. Using this technology, PCs in the offices of one company located in different cities can be networked together, or you can connect to your home network while at work or traveling.

It is easy to understand how VPN works by example. If the service is not used, the connection scheme is simple: our device with a connection to the World Wide Web – the website.

If it is planned to go online via VPN, the route will be more complicated. For example, such: our device – VPN-network in another country – website. Sometimes additionally add another VPN server, lengthening the switching chain by one more link. According to the number of networks, VPNs are divided into 3 groups:

  • Double – one VPN network is used;
  • Tripple;
  • Quadro.

In the last two variants, 2 or 3 chains are used. The larger the number of chains, the more reliable the protection will be. However, using long chains will slow down your smartphone or computer.

Will VPN save Instagram from blocking?

When Russia began to say that Instagram might be blocked in the near future, users immediately began to look for ways to bypass the block. By accessing Instagram via VPN, you can continue to use the social network.

You can download the anonymous access service from the app store Play Market and AppStore. Options are available for installation on a computer, iPhone, or Android device.

How to choose a good VPN service

In the app store you can see dozens of different VPNs, so it is difficult to choose one option. Some programs are provided for free, but still users prefer to install an “advanced”, albeit paid service.

The VPN provider somehow controls the information that is transmitted over its networks, so the user must trust the provider. It is important to know that the VPN service does not write logs, does not change traffic and uses reliable protocols. But how to know which service is good and it is safe to use?

A simple way: pay attention to the time of work of the company. If the provider has been working for a long time and clients continue to use its services, it means that the company does not offend clients, did not leak information about them and so on.

You should also pay attention to what encryption protocol your ISP uses. Avoid companies that still use the PPTP protocol. This is an outdated and unreliable option. The optimal solution is the relatively new OpenVPN protocol. It is periodically checked for vulnerabilities and adjusted accordingly.

Another determining point is the number and location of servers. The choice depends on the goals pursued by the user. In our case, the goal is to bypass the blocking of Instagram. Therefore, you should choose companies that have installed servers in the country where this social network is available. It is convenient if the selection of the country of connection manually is available. Automatic selection may not work here. The geographically closest server is selected automatically, and it is not a fact that it will be possible to bypass the blocking.

For users who want to keep anonymity, a critical point is whether the VPN service saves logs. Companies save information and share records. And if the service is unreliable, not only law enforcement agencies, but also fraudsters have access to the information.

An ideal VPN provider does not record or store logs. However, most services are lying and say that they don't record information, although they continue to do so. 90% of services write logs, which means that the information is not confidential.

Top 9: Best VPNs for Instagram – Rated 2023

The rating includes VPNs that are best suited for Instagram. All services are working and have received good reviews.




Our assessment

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Planet VPN

A good free VPN, ideal for users from Russia;




There is a completely free option;




A cross-platform service with a wide range of features;




Budget VPN, suitable for beginners;




Full-featured VPN service;




A service designed for the Russian-speaking audience;




A successful VPN provider with a wide network of servers;




A safe service with good reviews;




A service with multiple layers of protection, but with a spotty reputation;


9. Hidemyass


Hidemyass is a secure connection service. It works with OpenVPN protocol, supports IPSec, L2TP, and others. It uses an advanced encryption system AES 256, which is impossible (at least for now) to crack. The user can manually switch to AES 128 encryption, which is less secure, but the device will not slow down.

The “kill switch” function works, i.e. emergency shutdown if something goes wrong. Disconnection is automatic, the user does not need to do anything. The connection speed is above average, so it is quite sufficient for “sitting” in Instagram.

A significant disadvantage is that the Hidemyass office is located in Great Britain, so the provider is obliged to pass the information to the revealing authorities. Therefore, assurances that logs are not written are obviously not true.

Hidemyass app is compatible with all mobile devices. The support team is responsive, with chat responses within 1 minute (during daytime).

Country of jurisdictionUnited Kingdom
Average transfer rate, Mbps80
Number of server countries190+
Free Trial Demo7 days
Monthly Price$11.99

If you subscribe for 1 year, the cost per month is $4.99 and for 3 years, the cost is $2.99.

Pros and cons
wide network of servers;
chat support;
speed - above average.
based in the United Kingdom;
there is no guarantee that user information is not collected;
some IP addresses offered by the service have been blacklisted by Google.

As a VPN for Instragram works well, but limits the work of torrents.

8. Ivacy


Downloading and installing the service is easy, even a beginner can handle it. Works on different platforms – in a laptop, smartphone, iPhone, and even on routers and smart TVs. Has 1000+ servers in 50 countries. You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Provides an emergency disconnect feature that drops the connection if there is a threat of information leakage. It works with streaming services, including BBC iPlayer and Netfix, so it will be suitable not only for Instagram.

The service collects information about users – mail address, payment method, etc. But it does not record statistics of visited sites.

ProtocolOpenVPN UDP
Country of jurisdictionSingapore
Average transmission speed, Mbps60
Number of server countries50+
Free Trial DemoNo, but a refund is guaranteed if the user decides to cancel the product within 7 days
Price per month$9.95

A six-month connection is $5; a five-year plan is $1.16.

Pros and cons
works with Windows, Linox, Android, iOs;
allows torrenting;
does not keep records.
the support service does not respond to queries for a long time;
it is problematic to get your money back even during the warranty period;

A modern VPN service with wide functionality, suitable for unblocking Instagram.

7. ExpressVPN


The service offers apps for all platforms. Offers MediaStreamer feature to unlock content from media services. Uses AES-256 encryption, which is considered unbreakable. Several protocols to choose from, in addition to OpenVPN, UDP and Lightway UDP are available.

Network Lock – the emergency lock feature will prevent leakage in case of connection failure works only on PCs and laptops, it is not available for mobile devices. On Android there is an incomplete replacement – “Network Protection”, which simply terminates the connection when the VPN is broken

Country of jurisdictionThe Virgin Islands (Britain)
Average transfer rate, Mbps40, 33
Number of server countries100+
Free Trial Demo7 days for iOS app, 1 day for Android
Monthly Price$12.95
Pros and cons
choice of servers (100 countries);
support for all platforms;
speed - on the level.
the price is higher than that of competitors;
limited functionality and speed;
asked to confirm phone number when registering.

The server provides a reliable, secure and fast connection.

6. hidemy.name


The service is designed specifically for the Russian-speaking, easy to use with light navigation. Works with all OS, is characterized by high speed indicators. The advantage of hidemy.name service is the choice of IP address from the proposed list. Thus, connecting to the same server you can use a different IP each time.

Another useful feature is “chameleon”, or additional traffic encoding. Slowing down the speed when connecting to the VPN by 10-13%.

Country of jurisdictionBelize
Average transfer rate, Mbps100
Number of server countries35
Free trial demo1 day
Monthly price470 rubles

Semi-annual subscription – 1500 rubles or 250 rubles per month, annual subscription – 2280 rubles or 190 rubles per month.

Pros and cons
support 5 devices simultaneously;
30 days money back guarantee without delay;
unlimited bandwidth.
stores users' personal information;
the server network is limited to 35 countries;
buffering problems occur.

A reliable service that gives little noticeable speed reduction.

5. NordVPN


The service offers an advanced set of features and reliable operation. It supports the necessary OS, mobile applications with a full set of options. You can simultaneously link up to 6 accounts on one subscription. Has 5300+ servers. Based in Panama, in this country there are no strict requirements for storing user information.

The support service works around the clock. The service is supplemented with an ad and malware blocker, however, ads are not blocked in applications due to store rules.

ProtocolIKEv2, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec VPN
Country of jurisdictionPanama
Average transmission speed, Mbps54
Number of server countries59
Free trial demo30-day money-back guarantee if you don't like the product
Monthly price$11.95

If you sign up for an annual subscription, the cost per month is $5.75; if you sign up for a 2-year subscription, the cost per month is $3.29.

Pros and cons
reliable, secure;
full-featured applications for mobile devices;
support service is fast.
static IP addresses;
the application installs additional programs;
there are problems with installation on iOS.

The service guarantees privacy by providing dual connection and anti-virus protection.

4. AtlasVPN


In terms of security, the service is standard, not new but advanced encryption protocols are used, KillSwitch works. The company is based in the USA, which is a questionable option for privacy. Although the service promises not to record users' actions.

The feature of the service is the SafeSwap function, which changes the IP address while the user is still connected to the previous one. In other programs it is necessary to disconnect first and then reconnect to another server.

An annual subscription will cost $3.95 per month and $1.99 for three years.

Pros and cons
responsive tech support;
free option with limited traffic;
30 day money back guarantee.
country of registration - USA;
server park is limited to 31 countries;
no Russian-language interface.

An app with smart functionality, suitable for unlocking Instagram.

3. Surfshark


Works on Windows, iOS and Android. A free version is available, the functionality of which is enough for visiting Instagram. If you need advanced options, it is better to subscribe for a paid subscription.

It copes with the work on “excellent”. An inexperienced user will be able to install the application. Clear interface in Russian, connection without delays. You can manually select the desired country of connection.

ProtocolPSec | IKEv2 and WireGuard
Country of jurisdictionUnited States
Average transmission speed, Mbps96
Number of server countries31
Free trial demoFree 10GB per month
Monthly price$10.99
Country of jurisdictionSingapore
Average transfer rate, Mbps80
Number of server countries21
Free trial demoFree version with reduced functionality
Monthly pricefrom 114 rubles

If you sign up for an annual subscription, the monthly fee will be 199 rubles.

Pros and cons
safety parameters are top-notch;
Russian-language interface;
free version with enough functionality for Instagram.
requires registration; not available for download in some countries; paid version is more expensive than competitors.
is not available for download in a number of countries;
paid option is more expensive than competitors.

Popular VPN service with advanced functionality and positive reviews.

2. PureVPN


The service supports most platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android and has permissions for browsers. AES-256 military-grade encryption is used to protect user data, which is almost impossible to crack. There are a number of protocols to choose from, including OpenVPN, IKEv2, and IPSec. Many additional features like split tunneling, IP and DNS leak protection are available for a fee.

PureVPN has an extensive network of servers located in 78+ countries and all parts of the world. The connection speed is more than enough for surfing the web, watching 4K content and playing games with low ping.

ProtocolPPPTP, IPSec, L2TP, OpenVPN, IKEv2, SSTP and SSL
Country of jurisdictionBritish Virgin Islands
Average transmission speed, Mbps60 Mbps
Number of server countries78+
Free trialNo, but available at a reduced price: $0. 99 for 1 week
Monthly price$3.15
Pros and cons
developed network of servers;
24/7 support service;
31-day money back guarantee;
support for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS and browsers;
connection speed;
no logs.
no free tariff;
paid trial time.

1. Planet VPN

Planet VPN

Planet VPN is a free VPN service that comprehensively helps protect your online privacy. It creates a virtual private network that encrypts your Internet activity and hides your real IP address. This means that no one can track what sites you visit or what information you transmit online. Planet VPN also helps you bypass geographical restrictions, allowing you to access content that is blocked in your country, which means Instagram, Tic Toc and Twitter will be guaranteed to work.

In addition, Planet VPN provides high-speed connection and supports multiple VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP. The service does not store user logs, which guarantees the maximum level of security and privacy.

ProtocolPPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, IKEv2
Country of jurisdictionRomania
Average transmission speedunlimited bandwidth
Number of server countries60
Price per monthfrom 1. 99 € (180 p.) per month
Pros and cons
Uses state-of-the-art AES-256 encryption technologies that ensure data protection and privacy;
There is a free version;
High-speed connection;
Does not store logs;
Unlimited number of devices.
Limited choice of countries in the free version.

Which VPN to choose for instagram

VPN solves the problem of Instragram blocking. At least until the use of VPN services is recognized as illegal. To continue using the network, choose:

  • VPN application for Android or iPhone;
  • A VPN extension for a browser or a browser that already has this feature built in;
  • VPN for PC.

Many programs are released in three versions at once, that is, the service can be installed on both computer and phone.

The following VPN programs are available today:

  • Freebies. Applications that do not need to be purchased attract users. However, services provided at no cost may be insecure. In addition, free applications work intermittently, are limited in traffic, do not support the Russian language and a number of other restrictions.
  • Conditional-free. These services with limited functionality are allowed to use for free. But if the user wants to get additional options, you will have to pay.
  • Paid. Most reliable services are paid, you can connect them through a subscription. The longer the subscription period, the cheaper each day of use will cost. The subscription can be deactivated when the service is no longer needed.

It is not recommended to try to hack services using “cracked” programs. In 99% of cases, pirate VPNs work “crooked”.

It is not recommended to buy the first service you come across. Before making a choice, read user reviews. It may turn out that the chosen VPN provider has ruined its reputation by leaking information, is slow or uses vulnerable codes.

If it is important to maintain anonymity, choose programs that can be used without registration. When creating an account, the user provides information about himself. It is not recommended to buy a VPN if payment is made only via Webmoney, this payment system and anonymity are incompatible.

About the choice of servers: if it is important to speed up the connection, you should access Instagram through a geographically close service. If you want anonymity, look for companies with servers in countries with liberal legislation (for example, the Netherlands) or in countries with which Russia has no diplomatic relations (for example, Georgia). It is better not to use servers in the USA and Germany, as companies in these countries are obliged to pass information to intelligence services.


Answers to popular questions.

How to install VPN on your phone

Smartphones and iPhones have a built-in VPN service, which the user can optionally enable. Step-by-step instructions to set up VPN (L2TP|IPsec) for Android by yourself:

  • enter “Settings” – “Network settings” – “Connections”;
  • go to the menu “Other settings” – “VPN”;
  • select “Add Profile”;
  • enter a name (arbitrary) and select L2TP | IPSec PSK type;
  • enter the server name or IP address from the pool of open servers, selecting the one you plan to connect to (you can find the address at vpngate.net).
  • copy the DDNS host name or IP address and enter it in the “Server address” field;
  • enter “vpn” (in lower case letters) in the account information field;
  • click on “Connect” and wait for the start message.

For iPhone, the setup is carried out in the same way.

If this method seems complicated, and you need to access a blocked social network, you can download an application by selecting a suitable one. In this case, after downloading, you need to open the program to make the VPN work. If a free trial period is provided, then it is worth switching the device to it. But after the end of this period, disconnection will be done automatically. In the future, the connection will be paid, you need to subscribe. You can check the box for automatic debiting, and then you will not have to think about payment. You will only need to make sure that there are enough funds on your account.

In some applications it is mandatory to create an account. Once the account has been created, it remains to choose a country to connect to from the list. In a couple of minutes, Instagram browsing will become available.

How to access Instagram via VPN

Let's understand how to watch Instagram after you managed to change the IP address. Instructions:

  • log in to Instagram and log out of your current account;
  • in the authorization section, which opens after that, press three dots next to the nickname and select “Delete” from the drop-down menu;
  • if there are several profiles, you need to do this with each of them;
  • go to the settings of the smartphone, clean the cache;
  • disable geolocation on the phone in “Settings” or disable geolocation only for Instagram (this can be done only on Android 11 and above);
  • then launch VPN and change the country, choosing the one where the social network is not banned;
  • when the service starts working, go to Instagram and authorize again

These instructions should help you re-enter the social network.

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