Ranking of the best free online anonymizers 2023 to visit websites anonymously

Online anonymizers quickly gained popularity and today are an indispensable attribute of the so-called “free Internet”. This is because hundreds and even thousand of websites are blocked every year in the world. It is the anonymizer that helps to bypass the ban on access to them.

online anonymizers

Next, let's find out what this service is, how it works and how it differs from a VPN. We have also compiled a rating that includes the best anonymizers of 2023.

What is an anonymizer and how does it work?

An anonymizer is a special service that allows a user to visit any site on the Internet without leaving data about his or her location, IP address and other parameters. An anonymizer acts as an intermediary between a computer (or smartphone) and the website to which the user wants to access. They redirect requests through their own subnet, thereby transmitting to the requested server data about their nodes, rather than the real parameters of the user.

In what cases may I need an anonymizer? For example, if a resource is unavailable on the territory of a country or region. For example, VKontakte is blocked in Ukraine. And residents of Moscow and other Russian cities can not access many Western resources.

Another no less popular reason for using anonymizers is the desire to preserve anonymity on the Internet. Especially considering that there are a huge number of fraudsters stealing user data on the web.

What is the difference between an anonymizer and a VPN

VPN and anonymizer are designed to provide anonymity to users. However, the services differ in the principle of operation.

A VPN is a virtual private network that encrypts traffic. When connecting to a VPN, the user is connected to the network. Accordingly, when many people join one network, their IP address becomes common. This can cause some difficulties, including when working with various online services.

Web proxy – a third-party server, it passes data through itself, replacing it with proxy data. Anonymizers do not require downloading third-party software and applications. It is enough to visit a web proxy and specify a link to the page you want to access. Advanced anonymizers have a number of additional features, such as disabling scripts on websites, etc.

There are quite a few free VPNs online, premium services can be bought for around $10 per month. Whereas anonymizers are mostly free. However, they will not encrypt the user's traffic the way VPNs do.

Of course, there are also paid proxies. Such services offer a high level of protection, are able to compress traffic, close advertising banners and cache files. However, an anonymizer will not encrypt the user's traffic the way a VPN service does.

Top 13: Best free online anonymizers for anonymous browsing – Rating 2023

We have compiled the TOP of the best web proxies of 2023. When compiling the ranking, we were guided by the opinions of security experts and user feedback. This allowed us to select 13 nominees.




Our assessment

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The best alternative to unsafe and slow anonymizers, a stable and fast and completely free VPN for all devices;



Free anonymizer from Russian developers. Suitable for VK, Odnoklassniki, YouTube, Facebook and other resources that are difficult to access;



A good working anonymizer that provides anonymity online. Opens access to social networks, websites, YouTube, streaming services and any other resources;



A service that has been successfully operating since 2015 and provides privacy to thousands of people. Traffic in GenMirror is protected by SSL encryption;



Popular anonymizer with a large number of American, Canadian, Czech and English servers;



A free web proxy with a user-friendly interface and good speed;



A service with a rather interesting name. It appeared in 2016 and since then has provided anonymity on the Internet for more than a million users;



Reliable online VPN for VK, Facebook, Odnoklassniki and other resources. Works without registration on your computer and smartphone, supported by most browsers. Equipped with an ad blocking function;



A versatile platform that, in addition to an anonymizer, has tools for determining connection speed, IP address, and the hosting to which the site is attached;



A simple and convenient anonymizer for unblocking sites and surfing the internet anonymously;



A service that guarantees security. In addition to IP address spoofing, TurboHide provides SSL encryption;



Free proxy for free access to closed resources. It has an ad blocking function;



Powerful anonymizer with the most convenient interface. Opens access to social networks, websites, streaming services.


13. Proxysite (Ninja Cloak)

The rating is opened by a free online anonymizer, which in the past was called NinjaCloak, but was renamed. The service allows smartphone and computer owners to access the Internet anonymously by masking their IP address. Proxysite will protect users from hackers, malware and other online dangers.

Proxysite (Ninja Cloak)

This platform is rightfully called one of the most user-friendly. The main page of the site has nothing superfluous, just a search bar and a GO button for searching. There are also links to popular resources such as Twitter, Facebook and Google at the bottom of the screen, as well as texts describing Ninja Cloak's features.

What other sites can Proxysite unblock? Anonymizer will allow you to go to any resource, including YouTube, Twitch and even Netflix.

Website: https://proxysite.cloud/

12. UnblockProxy

Web proxy, which acts as an intermediary server between the traffic and the visited page. This allows access to sites that are inaccessible in the Russian Federation (including Crimea), Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries.


UnblockProxy works stably both on PCs and mobile gadgets. The service has a simple website with a comfortable interface with no unnecessary buttons and incomprehensible settings. It is enough to enter a link and click on search. The service is completely free, has no time limits for use, and almost no slowdown of Internet speed.

UnblockProxy completely blocks ads when visiting web pages. On the other hand, banners from the service itself may periodically pop up on the screen, which definitely interferes with reading text or viewing content.

Website: https://unblockproxy.me/

11. Турбохайд

An anonymizer that offers not only a change of IP address, but also a traffic encryption feature for greater privacy of user data.


The disadvantages of TurboHide include the abundance of advertisements, the interface is in English only, and there is no possibility to change the country – the server is located in Canada. For comparison, in the 2ip platform, which we also included in the rating, there are more than 10 countries to choose from.

Website: https://www.turbohide.org/

10. Jahproxy

Continues the rating of web proxy, which allows you to anonymously browse sites, access to which is closed by the provider or closed by the owner of the resource. The platform successfully works with Twitter, VK, Facebook.


The design of Jahproxy itself is simple, without unnecessary buttons and long text – just a short description and a search bar. There are ads, but they are at the bottom of the page and do not interfere with the comfortable use of Jahproxy. At the same time, it completely blocks pop-up banners on the sites the user goes to.

Website: https://jahproxy.pro/

9. 2ip

The following is a functional web service that provides customers with a number of features: determining the speed of the Internet connection, the IP address, and the hosting on which the site is located. Of course, the company does not forget about the anonymizer, which is available without restrictions. This is one of the few web proxies with country selection. You can log in through servers from the USA, Brazil, Germany, Russia, the UK and other countries. To change the country, you just need to make a new selection in the list and enter the URL of the site.


The only thing that can discourage you from using 2ip is the abundance of advertisements. They are shown both in the service itself (several large banners) and when you go to selected sites.

Website: https://2ip.ru/anonim/ 

8. Nonameno

A simple and free service for VK, Facebook, Odnoklassniki and other resources. Nonameno boasts a built-in ad blocking function, which allows you to visit your favorite sites and watch videos without being distracted by pop-up banners.


Nonameno offers a wide range of customization options for its clients: include a mini URL form on each page, disable showing images on pages, hide or show the actual referring site, etc. The interface in Russian is intuitive and simple.

Users in their reviews praise Nonameno for its high level of security. The service does not keep a history of activity and does not steal passwords. The platform works both on computers and smartphones – iPhone and Android. It is supported by Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Website: https://nonameno.com/proxy2/

7. Snowdenway

Snowdenway or “Snowden's way” is a secure online anonymizer that has been operating since 2016. Since then, more than a million users have used the service, many of whom have been satisfied.


Web proxy allows you to unblock any resource or download a torrent.

Snowdenway wins over most similar proxies in terms of page opening speed. The service is not overloaded with ads, the site design is minimalistic.

Website: http://www.snowdenway.com/

6. Cameleo

A free high-speed anonymizer that helps people hide their online activities. The service has a minimalistic interface that is easy to navigate. There are no flashy ads and unnecessary buttons. Instead, there is a small description of the service, links to popular online resources and a search bar where you will need to enter a query and go to the site's mirror.


Cameleo works with JavaScript and does not change the page layout. Other advantages of the service include the function of disabling advertising on the visited resources and the absence of banners from the proxy itself.

Cameleo team has also developed its own VPN, which can be installed from the official website. Unlike anonymizer, Cameleo VPN allows you to work with games and applications, provides reliable encryption and has servers in 47 countries.

Website: https://cameleo.xyz/

5. Security Science

The TOP VPN-online developed by security experts continues. SecurityScience allows you to choose access from several countries: USA, Canada, UK, Czech Republic. You can select a server located in a certain region of the country. For example, for the United States, you can remotely log in from California, Maryland, New York, or Texas.

Security Science

In Security Science, the user will find other useful tools to ensure privacy and optimize computer performance: domain checking utilities, decoders, etc. They were developed by leading companies in the security sphere. Among the disadvantages of the proxy list we can note that the site interface is available only in English. Of course, it will be possible to enter a forbidden resource without difficulty. But to use additional tools, you need to know English.

Website: http://www.security-science.com/anonymizer

4. GenMirror

Created to unblock YouTube, the GenMirror web proxy is great for watching videos to bypass restrictions. In addition, the service allows you to unlock access to Facebook, YTMirror, Twitter, Google, and Reddit. The anonymizer works on both your computer and smartphone. It first appeared in 2015 and has since gained hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers.


This is one of the few web proxies that has no ads on the main page at all. GenMirror spoofs the user's IP address and location, ensuring their anonymity online. Traffic is fully protected by strong SSL encryption, so there is no fear of unauthorized access. In addition, GenMirror does not log user activity on its server.

Website: https://www.genmirror.com/

3. Weboproxy

The list continues with a modern web proxy based on the Tor network. The anonymizer allows you to bypass filters and open access to closed sites such as Facebook, YouTube, streaming services and other resources. Web Proxy has a minimalistic design and simple interface.


All you need to do is go to the official Weboproxy site and enter a query or a link to a resource in the search bar. The platform works fast – all pages load almost instantly. The layout of the sites does not change, which also pleases users.

The only disadvantage of Weboproxy is the presence of annoying advertising. On the main page of the site, next to the search bar, several large banners stand out at once. Advertising is also present on the sites that are accessed. “Weboproxy does not block it, unlike the leader of the rating.

Website: https://weboproxy.com/

2. Хамелеон

The leading place in the rating is occupied by a free proxy for VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and other sites – “Chameleon”. This is a popular service that occupies leading positions in search engines. It has this name for a reason, because the main feature of the chameleon is the ability to disguise. This anonymizer, like a chameleon, allows you to visit any site while remaining unnoticed.


The service has a minimalistic design, there are no advertisements and unnecessary buttons. Only a brief description of the service, links to popular sites and a search bar where the user needs to enter a query.

This web proxy works stably with JavaScript, that is, no difficulties with animation will not arise. “Chameleon” not only opens access to closed resources, but also completely blocks intrusive advertising. This option is mainly supported by paid anonymizers.

Website: http://hameleon.xyz/

1. Planet VPN

A good alternative to not always safe anonymizer, will be a free VPN service. You get a stable and secure protocol to choose from (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, IKEv2), as well as unlimited and high-speed channel with no speed limit.

Planet VPN

The ability to install VPN on any device, as well as customize in a few clicks, makes this VPN a good substitute for not always working and safe online anonymizers.

There are 60 countries to choose from, and the most important thing for CIS residents is the tax-free policy of the service and payment by all available methods. The minus of the service is the lack of kill switch function, which disconnects the connection when the connection to the server is reset, making your IP address visible until the restart of the VPN.

Website: https://freevpnplanet.com/


Below, we've answered the most popular questions from users.

  1. What types of anonymizers exist

    There are several types of anonymizers:

    1. Web Anonymizer. The most common and simple type. It is a site with a search bar where the domain from the blocked resource is inserted. Web anonymizer is a great option for accessing ordinary sites with text content, but it is not suitable for sites with multimedia (movies, TV series, music). Another disadvantage of web anonymizers is the abundance of advertisements.
    2. Extensions for browsers. The optimal solution that is always around. There is little or no advertising. Such anonymizers cope well with the opening of multimedia content. The quality of the platform depends on the developer.
    3. Proxy servers. With a slight stretch, this type is classified as an anonymizer. Before you start working, manual configuration is required. The peculiarity of the proxy server is that all browser traffic passes through it.
    4. Browsers with a built-in anonymizer. There are few such browsers, they are not particularly popular, but they offer VPN-encryption, which is much safer than a standard anonymizer. Such browsers include Tor, Opera or Globus VPN Browser.

  2. What a good proxy server should be

    The geolocation of the resource is of great importance when choosing a proxy, since some sites can be accessed only from certain countries and regions.

    If the service is paid, it should have a test period. In addition, an important selection criterion is the current rating of the proxy in comparison with competitors. For this purpose, it is enough to look at user reviews.

  3. Is it possible to bypass blocking of banned sites

    Undoubtedly, anonymizers allow you to bypass the blocking of banned sites. For example, if Ukrainian users cannot connect to VK, they will be able to access this social network via a proxy.

  4. Is it legal to use an anonymizer

    The very fact of using an anonymizer is not prohibited. However, the 276th Federal Law of 2017 prohibits the use of such services to bypass website blocking.

    Thus, if a certain site is not included in the register of banned resources in the Russian Federation, you can use an anonymizer to open it. If the page is blocked, then trying to bypass the ban with the help of a web proxy is prohibited by law. Everything is at the user's own risk.


Anonymizers are useful services that open access to banned sites and function without installing programs and additional software.

The best proxy of 2023 is undoubtedly Chameleon. It is a convenient platform from Russian developers. There are no ads or anything else that could distract you from watching content. Moreover, Chameleon has been working for quite a long time and has gained the support of thousands of users.

For those users who are looking for an anonymizer with a country selection option, we recommend the 2ip service. Its servers are located in several countries, which allows you to access content from anywhere in the world.

GenMirror anonymizer is also worth mentioning. It substitutes IPs and offers reliable SSL encryption, ensuring the confidentiality of user data.

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